"One Day More" at the International Migrants Day

On 17th and 18th of December 2022 "One day more" was presented on the International Migrants Day in Brussels. The installation moved from the Citizen's Garden of the European Parliament.

"One day more" is a metal table with an entry from Yevgeniya Belorusets' wartime diary carved into its surface, produced in Kharkiv under exceptional circumstances of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. Is September 2022 this installation has been premiered in Citizen's Garden of the European Parliament. In December 2022 it moved to the Museum of Migration in Brussels and was presented during the International Migrants Day. 

During the event Yevgeniya Belorusets was interviewed by Bruno Beeckman, and Brussels inhabitants with migration background were sharing their experiences. The event is co-organised by Migration Museum Brussels, EUNIC Brussels and Cine Maximiliaan.

“One Day More” artwork was commissioned by EUNIC Brussels and the Culture of Solidarity Fund Ukraine powered by the European Cultural Foundation.

Video walk is under this link.