Art Workers’ Self-defense Initiative founded

Work has begun on a new rights initiative for the Arts! In July 2012 in Kiev, ІСТМ (Art Workers’ Self-defense Initiative) was created - Art Workers’ Self-defense Initiative which is a self-organised initiative for protection of rights for working artists.

This organisation has been founded in order to study the situation concerning the rights of working artists in Ukraine, and to uphold their rights. We will conduct research into the work of Ukrainian institutions and their interactions with artists, and we will publish the results on the ІСТМ site and in appropriate media.

ІСТМ is ready to work collaboratively with other rights initiatives.

ІСТМ participants: Larissa Babij, Anatoli Byelov, Yevgenia Belorusets, Alexandr Burlaka, Ksenia Gnilitskaya, Anna Zvyagintseva, Nikita Kadan, Yuri Kruchak, Julia Kostereva, Vasyl Lozinski, Andrei Movchan, Ivan Melnychuk, Katerina Mishchenko, Lada Nakonechna, Oleksiy Salmanov, TanzLaboratorium, Lesya Khomenko.

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