“A Room of My Own” at QUEERFEST 2012 in Saint Petersburg

Nataliya Chermalykh, curator, feminist, activist of the group “Feminist action”:

"Being the curator of the project “A Room of My Own” allowed me – and I feel this as a privilege – working intensively (artistic, philosophical, intellectual) in spheres of the most acute issues of modern life. To understand on the example of art material what it means to be kicked over the border of the statement of “norm”; to feel how gender identities are washed and binary in couples is destroyed; which roads does the progressive but inevitable transformation of the family institute go and which role these micro-changes will play in life of each man and woman in the future design of society in general. Working on this project I felt for a while that we could ask these questions aloud today in the present political situation, only through the plane of art."




The official opening of the 4th International Queer Festival QueerFest 2012 will be held on Thursday 20th September from 6 pm.

The opening takes place at the venue of Queerоgraphy photo exhibition in the centre of St. Petersburg. The opening will also witness the premier of a documentary media­project "The Art of Being Yourself", based on the events of QueerFest 2011 and other important events in the life of the civil society past year.

Photo Вера ScoVita