Return to “COURT EXPERIMENT” in SIZ gallery in Rijeka Croatia

On the 7th of February 2013, Ukrainian multidisciplinary curatorial collective Hudrada re-opened their Court Experiment exhibition in the SIZ gallery in Rijeka, Croatia. This exhibition first came together in 2010 – it came about after a series of legal proceedings were launched against members of the Hudrada group on account of their work as political activists.

Court Experiment is a statement against the prosecution of Ukrainian activists for expressing disagreement with real injustices. It is an action of solidarity with the accused, whose trials continued for years. The project started with visits to court sessions by people who wanted to express their support for the accused. Among them were activists, journalists, academics and artists.

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Performance by Alexander Volodarsky

Court Experiment attempts to draw public attention both to these concrete cases of legal prosecution and persecution in Ukraine. It also aims to highlight how the country’s legal system, as a government structure within a neocapitalist economy, is an instrument of violence and injustice.

Hudrada’s exhibition in the SIZ gallery consists of authors’ works and draws conclusions concerning the court proceedings, whose subjects became the basis for the “Court Experiment”. A timeline of the court proceedings and related events accompanies the works.

The exhibition features works by Yevgenia Belorusets, Alexander Volodarsky, Ksenia Hnylytska, Anna Zvyagintseva, Nikita Kadan, Yulia Kostereva, Yuriy Kruchak, and Lada Nakonechna.

 Возвращение к «Судебному эксперименту»

Кураторское объединение Худсовет представит свою выставку в Хорватии, в SIZ gallery.

7-го февраля 2013 в Риеке (Хорватия) в галерее SIZ украинское кураторское междисциплинарное объединение Худсовет покажет выставку “Судебный эксперимент”. Эта выставка сформировалась в 2010 году и поводом для нее стали судебные преследования участниц и участников Худсовета за их политическую активистскую деятельность. Эти отдельные случаи давления на активистов с помощью судебной системы являются показательными для общей ситуации преследования активистов в сегодняшней Украине.

На выставке будут представлены работы Евгении Белорусец, Александра Володарского, Ксении Гнилицкой, Анны Звягинцевой, Никиты Кадана, Юлии Костеревой, Юрия Кручака, Лады Наконечной.