Collective exhibition "Climate Changes Everything" opens in Vienna

20Y Belorusets

Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s artistic output was characterised not least by its multiple media. Thus, he worked as an architect, painter, performance artist and film (co-)maker, for example. In this spirit, the exhibition introduces critical art on the subject of climate change, formulated in three different media (image, video and sculpture) – showing that the specifics of the medium in question are less important than their use in aid of the cause.

From 11th of June till 27th of Agust the collective exhibition "Climate Changes Everything" is on display in Kunst Haus Vienna. Participating artists: Yevgenia Belorusets (Kyiv/Berlin), Jürgen Drescher (Berlin), Niklas Goldbach (Berlin), Marlene Hausegger (Wien), Nadira Husain (Berlin/Paris), Anna Meyer (Wien), Katrin Plavcak (Berlin), Stefanie von Schroeter (Berlin), Silke Wagner (Frankfurt am Main).