“A Room of My Own” shown at Museum of Zemstvo, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


“A Room of My Own” consists of a series of documentary photographic portraits and testimonies of the stars of this project, who the artist met during trips to various cities across Ukraine. Through fragmented sketches of domestic life, with all its joys and pains, Yevgenia Belorusets and the heroes and heroines of her project tell their personal stories, affording us a brief glimpse of what lies behind the thick curtain which ordinarily separates their private lives from their public identities.



Gogol St. 32 and Brick Factory Tour at "Ukrainian News" Exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw


16 March – 2 June 2013

Ukrainian News at the Centre for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw brings together for the first time a variety of engaged artistic practices from contemporary Ukraine. Focusing on the work of activist groups as well as individual artists, the exhibition shows conventions that transcend common artistic approaches. The Post-Soviet condition of Ukrainian society is represented through various work - from street artists to intellectual communities involved in current social struggles.

IMG 0703m


IMG 0723

More about Ukrainian News at e-flux http://www.e-flux.com/announcements/ukrainian-news/




Return to “COURT EXPERIMENT” in SIZ gallery in Rijeka Croatia


On the 7th of February 2013, Ukrainian multidisciplinary curatorial collective Hudrada re-opened their “Court Experiment” exhibition in the SIZ gallery in Rijeka, Croatia.

This exhibition first came together in 2010 – it came about after a series of legal proceedings were launched against members of the Hudrada group on account of their work as political activists.

“Court Experiment” is a statement against the prosecution of Ukrainian activists for expressing disagreement with real injustices. It is an action of solidarity with the accused, whose trials continued for years. The project started with visits to court sessions by people who wanted to express their support for the accused. Among them were activists, journalists, academics and artists.

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Performance by Alexander Volodarsky


“Court Experiment” attempts to draw public attention both to these concrete cases of legal prosecution and persecution in Ukraine. It also aims to highlight how the country’s legal system, as a government structure within a neocapitalist economy, is an instrument of violence and injustice.

Hudrada’s exhibition in the SIZ gallery consists of authors’ works and draws conclusions concerning the court proceedings, whose subjects became the basis for the “Court Experiment”. A timeline of the court proceedings and related events accompanies the works.

The exhibition features works by Yevgenia Belorusets, Alexander Volodarsky, Ksenia Hnylytska, Anna Zvyagintseva, Nikita Kadan, Yulia Kostereva, Yuriy Kruchak, and Lada Nakonechna.



Возвращение к «Судебному эксперименту»

Кураторское объединение Худсовет представит свою выставку в Хорватии, в  SIZ gallery

7-го февраля 2013 в Риеке (Хорватия) в галерее SIZ украинское кураторское междисциплинарное объединение Худсовет покажет выставку “Судебный эксперимент”. Эта выставка сформировалась в 2010 году и поводом для нее стали судебные преследования участниц и участников Худсовета за их политическую активистскую деятельность. Эти отдельные случаи давления на активистов с помощью судебной системы являются показательными для общей ситуации преследования активистов в сегодняшней Украине.

На выставке будут представлены работы Евгении Белорусец, Александра Володарского, Ксении Гнилицкой, Анны Звягинцевой, Никиты Кадана, Юлии Костеревой, Юрия Кручака, Лады Наконечной.


Interim Days: Tbilisi // Symposium and Exhibition

Tbilisi, Georgia


November 20th to 24th 2012

Exhibition opening Saturday 24th 17:00.


Tbilisi State Academy of Arts 
Exhibition Hall (old building)
22 Griboyedov St. 0108 Tbilisi

Could the political or social environment we operate within and the challenges we encounter lead to new ways to produce and exhibit art? The symposium and exhibition project Interim Days: Tbilisi is created with the intention to act as a networking platform for artists and cultural producers from different social and cultural contexts. The main goal is to find opportunities to develop international collaborations and to establish new initiatives that involve transnational cooperation, including eastern European countries. The point of departure is the perspective of the participants, where the experience of being an artist becomes predominant and tells wider stories, about society and the possibilities for art to exist in different contexts. 

The participants come from Sweden, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and the Ukraine, but there are also participants from other countries with experience from artistic practice within these regions. The discussion will focus on what separates the different contexts when it comes to the possibilities for art to exist and to the hardships and opportunities that follows. The perspective, in this case, always comes from the artist.

The symposium is collaboration between Kalmar konstmuseum andGeoAIR with financial support from the Creative Force programme within the Swedish Institute and generous support of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Kalmar konstmuseum as well as GeoAIR has a well documented experience of being a part of international projects.

Symposium and final presentation of works produced as a result of five days intensive exchange between participants will take place in the big exhibition hall of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Exhibition opens Saturday 24th 17:00.

Participants: Marika Asatiani (GE), Yevgenia Belorusets (UA), Tako Chabashvili (GE), Lado Darakhvelidze (GE), Laura Hatfield (CA/SE), Gustav Hellberg (SE), Johanna Karlin (SE), Emmeli Person (SE), Paran Pour (IR/DE), Steffi Schöne (DE), Giorgi Tabatadze (GE), Vladimir Us (MD)

More about Interim Days




We are asking members of the international community to join us in supporting the demands of the staff of the National Art Museum of Ukraine and calling for open, transparent and competitive procedures for filling key positions in cultural and art institutions in Ukraine.

The National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) is in crisis. Very soon, the Minister of Culture Mykhailo Kulyniak is supposed to announce his decision whether to entrust the Museum Council of the Ministry of Culture with recommending a candidate to fill the position of General Director of NAMU or to appoint Tatiana Mironova, who over six months as Acting Director has proved herself (both within and outside the Museum’s walls) incompetent to head Ukraine’s leading art museum.

On October 16, members of the Museum staff published an open letter addressed to the Minister of Culture, in which they refute a number of slanderous remarks and false claims published by Mironova in a recent blog post. They write, “Given [Mironova's] glaring incompetence and unsubstantiated allegations, providing of false information, appropriation of the Museum’s past achievements, the team of the National Art Museum of Ukraine demands the immediate dismissal of Ms. Mironova from the post of Acting Director of NAMU and barring her from being appointed director of NAMU”. The following day, the museum workers began an open protest, calling for Mironova’s immediate dismissal on a sign posted in the museum’s entry hall.

Meanwhile, hundreds of art professionals and members of the Museum’s public signed letters calling for transparency in the process of selecting the new museum director.

A group of concerned citizens – members of the Ukrainian art community and the Museum’s public – have circulated a letter of support for the institution, calling on the Minister of Culture to appoint a new director with the necessary qualifications – experience working in a museum and familiarity with the specific conditions of NAMU.

You can sign the petition (see text below) in English HERE and in Ukrainian HERE. The signed letter will be delivered to the Minister of Culture Mykhailo Kulyniak SOON.

For more background information on the situation in NAMU, please see our statement on Art Leaks.

We, the undersigned – artists and viewers, cultural actors and museum professionals, and all those who are concerned about the future of the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) – declare our support for the NAMU staff, who launched a protest on October 17, 2012.

We support the position of the collective of museum workers, as expressed in an open letter to the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Mykhailo Kulyniak:

“Given her glaring incompetence and unsubstantiated allegations, providing of false information, appropriation of the Museum’s past achievements, the staff of the National Art Museum of Ukraine demands the immediate dismissal of Ms. [Tatiana] Mironova from the post of Acting Director of NAMU and barring her from being appointed director of NAMU.”

We believe that the most valuable asset of the museum today is its collective. It is precisely this group of professionals that over the past several years has transformed NAMU into Ukraine’s leading art museum – an institution open to innovation and experiment. NAMU has presented the country’s most significant projects integrating contemporary art into the traditional museum context. These exhibitions, which can already be considered part of history, include “Ukrainian New Wave” (curator Oksana Barshynova), “Great Surprise. R.E.P.” (curator Olesya Ostrovska-Lyuta), “Gnilitsky. Cadavre exquis” (curators Lesya Zayats, Oksana Barshynova), “Hostage in NAMU” (curator Larissa Babij), “Myth: Ukrainian Baroque” (curators Galyna Skliarenko, Oksana Barshynova), and important international projects like “1989 – 2009: Turbulent World – Telling Time” (collective of international curators), “Beuys. Paik. Vostell. Art actions and video-art of the 1960s-1970s” and “Record Again! 40 years of video-art.de” (curator Daryna Yakimova), “Cultural Luggage” (curator Mykola Skyba).

We insist that NAMU should be headed by a museum specialist who knows the museum from inside and has experience working in this particular institution, who has played a role in the museum’s above-mentioned critical development. A few candidates meet these qualifications: Yuliya Lytvynets, Chief Curator of NAMU; Maryna Skyrda, Deputy General Director in Education of NAMU; Maria Zadorozhna, former Deputy General Director of NAMU.

We insist on the timely fulfillment of the process of choosing the new director of NAMU through the expertise of the Museum Council of the Ministry of Culture and the Minister of Culture’s subsequent appointment of the director, so that the museum may finally return to its previous working rhythm.

We also believe that the introduction of open, transparent and competitive procedures for filling key positions in cultural and art organizations is imperative for the modern development of Ukrainian institutions and is capable of safeguarding them from the influence of private business interests and government bureaucracy.





4-7 жовтня 2012                                              

Мистецький Арсенал, вул. Лаврська, 12
Журнальний зал


Спільний політичний простір являє собою особливий тип агори чи публічної платформи для презентацій, дискусій, зустрічей інтелектуалів, художників, активістів, перекладачів, критиків, теоретиків. Процесуальний характер такого майданчика дозволить учасникам та усім зацікавленим збиратися та працювати разом, утворюючи в такий спосіб інтелектуальну майстерню як форму політичної дії.

Більше про подію тут. 

spilnyj politychnyj_prostir_poster-283x402

spilnyj politychnyj_prostir_program

“A Room of My Own” at QUEERFEST 2012 in Saint Petersburg

Nataliya Chermalykh, curator, feminist, activist of the group “Feminist action” :

Being the curator of the project “A Room of My Own” allowed me – and I feel this as a privilege – working intensively (artistic, philosophical, intellectual) in spheres of the most acute issues of modern life. To understand on the example of art material what it means to be kicked over the border of the statement of “norm”; to feel how gender identities are washed and binary in couples is destroyed; which roads does the progressive but inevitable transformation of the family institute go and which role these micro-changes will play in life of each man and woman in the future design of society in general…

Working on this project I felt for a while that we could ask these questions aloud today in the present political situation, only through the plane of art (...) 

More: http://queerfest.ru/eugene-belorusets_en.php




The official opening of the 4th International Queer Festival QueerFest 2012 will be held on Thursday 20th September from 6 pm.

The opening takes place at the venue of Queerоgraphy photo exhibition in the very centre of St. Petersburg, featuring world-­famous artists and projects. The opening will also witness the premier of a documentary media­project "The Art of Being Yourself", based on the events of QueerFest 2011 and other important events in the life of the civil society past year.



Photo Вера ScoVita



26th September, Sevastopol Art Museum

15.00: Press Conference

16.00: exhibition opening, curatorial tour of the exhibition


 27th September, city street location tbc

12.30: “Headless” - performance by TanzLaboratorium

27th September, Sevastopol Art Museum

16.00: Presentation of the latest issues of independent journals on the social medium, literature and art: “Spilne” and “Prostory”

Speakers: Anastasia Rіabchuk and YevgeniaBelorusets


 17.00: Discussion “Cultural activism working together with rights initiatives: the Simferopol experience”

Speakers: Aleksandra Dvoretskaya and Tatyana Bezryuk


 28th September, Sevastopol Art Museum

16.00:Discussion “Problems and perspectives for the development of contemporary art in the cultural context of Sevastopol”


“Possibility for contemporary art in regional art museums”

Speakers: NikolaySkyba, Sergey Popov, Nikita Kadan, Tatyana Smirnova, Pavel Khlebovskiy, Tatyana Saigushkina

All events except for the Performance were taking place at the Sevastopol Art Museum on Prospect Naximova, 9.


Ukrainian Curatorial Collective HUDRADA’s latest exhibition “Disputed Territory” was opened in Sevastopol

On the 26th of September 2012 at 16:00 at the Sevastopol Art Museum in Crimea, the Ukrainian curatorial collective HUDRADA is opening its new, 4th exhibition, “Disputed Territory”. The exhibition will include works by nineteen artists from Ukraine and other countries, and is dedicated to the conquest and liberation of social and political territory. The opening few days of the exhibition will feature a packed programme of discussions.

Disputed territories are rips in the stiff fabric of a world which is split into spheres of influence. They are animate spaces, formed by the changeable whims of human wisdom and madness. They offer hope for change, and are attractive because they give you a chance to place your bets, to take part in the game. They promise gratification through confrontations, and they are capable of bringing conflict back to life in places where you might think that bleak dogmatic constructs had taken root for good. The value of disputed territories lies in hope and in duality.

We are moving along a volatile border, a place from which we can discern the constant shifting of battle lines, the point where the violent outburst is concentrated, as it occurs again and again.

Where exactly is this disputed territory?

tumblr masyc5Uv9f1qizr97

The core interests of “Disputed Territory” are in social interaction, in exclusion, in marginalisation, gender and sexuality, in war between private and common interests, in public space and its acquisition, in the choices people make as civilians, politicians, and activists, and above all in the field of power.

Could these be the very places from which we can launch our own pre-emptive strike, today?

To keep disputed territories within our field of view means we have to violate subordinate connections, to burst through the dam of ideological decoration to a place where hope springs forth from feelings of loss and discomfort.

We have to break away from the absorbing power of parody and new religious doctrines with their clear consciences, and move towards a reality in which disputed territories are still subject to political conquest, and are ready to become places which people can inhabit.

Exhibition curators: HUDRADA collective http://hudrada.tumblr.com/

Exhibition participants: Adrian Paci (Albania), Anna Zvyagintseva, Ivan Melnichuk, YevgeniaBelorusets, Nikita Kadan, Yuri Solomko, Esther Kempf (Switzerland), Aleksey Salmanov, SimonaRota (Spain), LesyaKhomenko, LadaNakonechna, Aleksey Gnedenko, AlinaKleitman, UlyanaBychenkova, NikolayRidniy, TanzLaboratorium, FNO (Russia), R.E.P.

More about the “Disputed Territory” http://hudrada.tumblr.com/disputedterritory

Yevgenia Belorusets Portrait of Amal
Photographs, 2012

Yevgenia Belorusets
Portrait of Amal 
Photographs, 2012 // Photo: Hudrada 


Exhibition view // Photo: Hudrada


День перекладацької солідарності на Форумі видавців

13 вересня у Львові у Центрі міської історії Центрально-Східної Європи під час 19-го Форуму видавців та міжнародного перекладацького фестивалю TRANSLIT відбудеться масштабна подія – День перекладацької солідарності, присвячений заснуванню нової незалежної Творчої спілки перекладачів та письменників.

Новостворена спілка ставить собі на меті захист творчих та трудових прав українських літераторів і привернення уваги громадськості до економічних, соціальних і змістовних засад їхньої роботи в українському контексті. На сьогодні спілка об’єднала 20 засновників і засновниць, серед яких перекладачі та перекладачки, письменники і публіцисти, що вважають за необхідне радикально реформувати трудові відносини, в яких зараз перебувають українські перекладачі й автори.

Спілка заявить про себе яскравою перформативною та інтелектуальною програмою: день почнеться зустрічами та дискусіями з перекладачами, презентацією перекладних видань і завершиться перформансом та вуличною вечіркою. Ключовою подією заходу стане створення Маніфесту перекладачів, до якого зможуть долучитися усі бажаючі. Ми обʼєдналися, щоб захищати свою людську та професійну гідність. Запрошуємо вас до діалогу й спільної боротьби за зміну свого становища!

Докладніше про ТСПП тут.


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