Recent publications

Recent publications
Lucky Breaks, New Directions, NY, (available since March 2022)
Modern Animal, Isolarii, London, NY, 2021
Lecture Series on the modern lifes of the animals, IST Publishing, Charkiv, 2021
Glückliche Fälle, Matthes&Seitz, Berlin, 2019
Me and her, Pinchuk Art Center, Kiev, 2018
Happy Fallings, IST Publishing, Charkiv, 2018

Photography, essays and texts in Books and Magazines

Scandalous artist, Сontemporary art dictionary, Method Fund, Kyiv, 2021
Explanation for all, New texts from Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe and the Black Sea region, Residenz Verlag, Salzburg, 2021
Lucky Breakes, N+1 Magazine, NY, December 2021
Fragments from now, Exhibition catalog, Berlin, 2020
Let’s put Lenin’s Head back together again, Re Centring the City, UCL-Press, London, 2020
From Fortunate Fallings, Music and Literature Magazine, NY, April 2019
Lectures of the modern lives of animals, in Ark in the Dark, Versopolis, Vienna, 2019
On a Future without a Past. What if the past never actually happened? Nikita Kadan, Project of Ruins, MUMOK, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2019
FRAGILE. Europäische Korrespondenzen, die Horen, Göttingen, Febr. 2017
Slightly higher than a cat’s eye view, Prostory online, Kiev, 2017
Invisible сompanion, Prostory online, Kiev, 2017
Attitudes, Exhibition catalog, Berlin, 2016
Verborgene Formen des Widerstands. In сollection of essays: „Testfall Ukraine - Europa und seine Werte”, Berlin, Suhrkamp, 2015
Niederlage, Nacht und ewige Verwegenheit. In сollection of essays: Euromaidan Was in der Ukraine auf dem Spiel steht, Berlin, Suhrkamp, 2014
Ruhm der Ukraine. In сollection of essays: Majdan! Ukraine Europa, Berlin, fotoTapeta, 2014
Unvisible Maidan, in: REVUE Magazine for the next Society, vol. 15 (Rohstoffe), Berlin, 2014
Unvisible Maidan, speaking about protest, in Wanda Magazine, Vienna – Berlin, 2014

Selected press, reviews

The Loneliness of Animals: On Yevgenia Belorusets’s “Modern Animal”, Los Angeles Review of books, 13.10.2021
Modern Animal, Stack online, Oktober 2021
Brief aus Kyiv (Letter from Kyiv) [DE], Le Monde Diplomatique, 07.01.2021
Polina Beitsym, about the exhibition Living corner and a book Modern animal [UA], Your art online, 06.10.2021
Jessica Zychowicz. Superfluous Women: Art, Feminism, and Revolution in Twenty-First-Century Ukraine. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2020.
Auf der Suche nach Normalität (In search of normality) [DE], Der Standard, 20.09.2020
Alltag im Ausnahmezustand (Everyday life in a state of emergency) [DE], NZZ, 05.11.2019
Wie flieht man in Gedanken? Yevgenia Belorusets dokumentiert den Konflikt (How to escape in thought? Yevgenia Belorusets documents the conflict) [DE], Berlin, Tagesspiegel, 17.12.2018
“We can’t use the war to justify anything”: photographer Yevgenia Belorusets on documenting Ukraine's most vulnerable groups, Open Democracy, 6.11.2018
Ukraine. Die Innensicht von Yevgenia Belorusets [DE], Deine Korrespondentin, okt.2016
Tamara Zlobina, To experience humanity, again and again [UA], Korydor, 17.9.2016
Katerina Jakovlenko, Everydaylife and war, Korydor [UA], 16.9.2016
Vitalij Atanasov, Gray zone of Donbass: no place for heroes [UA],, 7.9.2016
Katja Petrovskaja, Arbeit ist Frieden (Work is peace) [DE], FAZ, 22.06.2015
FAZ-online,  Publication series of Ostpol [DE], 2015