Me and Her (Ya i Ona)


Performance and art exhibition

On the 1st of March 2012, the performance art exhibition "Me and Her" (Ya i Ona) took place at the Visual Cultural Research Centre in Kiev, Ukraine.

The essence of the performance was for people to give form to their own personal femininity through selecting its attributes.

In the history of art, there are many instances in which specific objects depicted in the hands of a woman whose portrait was being painted were meant to expose her unique characteristics, or to exhibit her social or religious artistic representation.

These kinds of figures can be seen in 14th to 17th century portrait paintings, and in paintings of saints holding in their hands the weapons which were used to put them to death.

I gave artists, participants in and visitors to the Women’s Workshop an opportunity to endow themselves temporarily with an object which was meaningful to them as a symbol of their femininity.

I asked them to think why they chose the particular objects they selected. What form of interaction imbues the chosen object with the most meaning?

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