Paradise in One Village

From Ukrainian Beauty series


The series of photographs Paradise in One Village is emerging from research into the lives of inhabitants of a typical village in Transcarpathia in Western Ukraine. Here, there is very little work, and virtually no manufacturing industry of any kind. Every family has members who spend up to 10-11 months a year travelling abroad to work in Russia, Portugal and the Czech Republic. Most start to leave for work at the age of 17 or 18.

Thanks to their work abroad, the villagers have been able to amass considerable domestic wealth (new homes, cars, kitchens, furniture, TVs etc.), yet they are not at home to use the fruits of their labour. They work hard for the sake of their families, yet the families do not really enjoy these material achievements, and the workers are hardly ever at hand to live family life. 

Exhibited during the "Labour show" exhibition at the VCRC in Kiev

Collage text to accompany photographs eng.

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