"Justification of the walks" curated by Yevgenia Belorusets opened in Berlin

 A exhibition and a visual-textual laboratory "Justification of the walks" are on display at Strandbad Tegelsee on 23th till 25th of Arpil 2021. 

 Ausstellungsplakat Rechtfertigung der Spaziergänge ENG 1 copy

Students of Humboldt-Universität Berlin, the Institute of Slavic and Hungarian Studies and the open air gallery of Strandbad Tegelsee are inviting to the exhibition of the theoretical-practical photography seminar, which was taught in the context of the Siegfried-Unseld visiting professorship 2020/21 at Humboldt-Universität Berlin by Ukrainian artist and writer Yevgenia Belorusets.

The photographic and textual works created during the seminar examine the walk as a sphere of the approved, as a crossover of free choice and the policy of coercion.The walk as understood here is a new exploration of the familiar spaces of shore, city, apartment, room – a realm of utopia, as the walk can take place in every situation, even there, where, as it seems, movement is restricted or stops.

Walter Benjamin saw the person taking a walk as a flaneur, whose movement in the city followed a direction of interruptions through all kinds of stations of consumption and capitalist pleasure. In the situation of successive lockdowns, a walk in the city became similar to a walk in the woods. The disappearance of the obstacles, the rest stops, invites one to enter the vegetative the world of the rows of houses and street routes, the clearings, the forgotten uncertainty of the city.
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From the series of Tamara Naszer
Photography in this case operates artistically in multiple dimensions: it creates the illusion of a road map, produces a documentation of movement, which itself stays invisible, it tells us about the changing perception of the surrounding and simulates a structure.The walk is not only the object of the artistic works, but the exhibition itself is intended as a walk. The bungalows and huts of the former and newly founded bath create an ensemble of stations and points of reference. Imagine you are invited into a fairytale forest.The trees belong to the installation, the surrounding forest is a city, too. In the fairytale the forest is a location from which one does not return the same.
Dare it, your way will lead you to the shore, where you will stay for a while. The shore of Strandbad Tegelsee shows itself in the phase of a preface, something new is about to emerge.
With artistic contributions by:
Bella Badt
Elisabeth Bauer
Giselle Berenice Chavannes
Lisa Jura
Anna Katinka Kultscher
Elisabeth Landenberger
Tamara Naszer
Nicole Stieben
Jakob Wunderwald
as well as with works by
Alina Kleytman
Soska Group
Lada Nakonechna
Curatorial advise: Yevgenia Belorusets

In cooperation with Strandbad Tegelsee (www.seeee.de) and with special thanks to Marina Naprushkina.
Tegelsee, Schwarzer Weg 21, 13505 Berlin
23.04: 17:00-21:00
24.04: 14.00-21.00
25.04: 14.00-19.00

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Ausstellungsplakat Rechtfertigung der Spaziergänge ENG 2 copy