Me and Her

Book was created an eponymous of installation Me and Her for exhibition the Room of One's Own show in PAC. Reflecting on that situation and raising the question of whether such a community could emerge in the present, within the context of political changes that occurred in our society. 

pinchuk art centre, 2018

Fortunate Fallings

The texts in this book focus on the stories of women who consider themselves witnesses of their own lives and also of history, which has compelled them to change their biographies, visions of reality, places of residence. Thematic lines unfold around the traumatic events in Ukraine; their impact turns up in fragments of conversation, life experiences, and everyday situations.

ist publishing, 2018

The juxtaposition of the author’s text with images is characteristic of Yevgenia Belorusets’s artistic practice. Happy Fallings is a place for the coexistence of photographic stories and thematic lines of text, for the interweaving of these different types of speaking. 

Women’s stories often remain invisible, and the voices of this book’s heroines can hardly be heard in situations of direct threat to life, restricted civil liberties, job loss, and the risk of being exploited. But the very existence of a voice attests to the unpredictable possibilities of imagination, to the possibilities of constructing one’s own world and affirming its existence.

The artist takes an interest in the situations of those who unexpectedly ended up on the periphery – a place that’s not easy to refer to, and even more difficult to learn to speak from. Are the meaningless, minute, and arbitrary details that the reader encounters in Happy Fallings really what they seem?

On press
IST publishing – Two Stories from Happy Fallings by Yevgenia BelorusetsTwo Stories from Happy Fallings by Yevgenia Belorusets

Music and literature – Yevgenia Belorusets two stories from fortunate fallings (April 30, 2019)