Lucky Breaks / Щасливі падіння

In Lucky Breaks, we encounter anonymous women from the margins of Ukrainian society, their lives upended by the ongoing conflict with Russia. A woman, bewildered by her broken umbrella, tries to abandon it like a sick relative; a beautiful florist suddenly disappears, her shop converted into a warehouse for propaganda; hiding out from the shelling, neighbors read horoscopes in the local paper that tell them when it’s safe to go outside — IST Publishing

In stories of linguistic verve and dark, absurdist wit, Yevgenia Belorusets writes of how trauma seeps into the mundane, telling surreal, unsettling tales of survival in a shattered country.

See also a photographic projects War in Park / Krieg in Park (2016) and Novovolynsk (2018) which unfold the stories continues stories presented in the book. 

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 Fortunate Fallings / Щасливі падіння  Lucky Breaks / Щасливі падіння  Lucky Breaks / Щасливі падіння  Lucky Breaks / Щасливі падіння