Das ist mein Krieg / It is my war


City intervention, text

In late autumn 2022, a graffiti appeared at one of the Berlin walls telling Das ist nicht unser Krieg (It is not our war).

Visually the graffiti looked like it could have been initiatlly created with the line crossing the words. One more option is that the striktehrough was added later on by another person or group of people. Bothways the graffiti invited to a discussion about the ownership and scale of the war — meaning obviously the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Later on, there were more of such graffitis noticed on few spots in Berlin, this time without the strikethrough.

YB Linien Dresden 2023

In December 2022, following the invitation of the Marta Herford Museum to do an intervention on a billborad in front of the museum building, Yevgenia Belorusets has created the writing telling Das ist mein Krieg (It's my war). "Mein" ("my") is struck through and twice corrected to "mein" ('my"). This could be understood both as answer on the Berlin graffiti, as well as an open question to European solidarity and collective security. Photo documentation of the intervention can be found below in the gallery.

In February 2023, the work has been installed at Schlossplatz in Dresden. This citz intervention happened in cooperation with SKD / Staatliche Kunstsammlungen.

Das ist mein Krieg Das ist mein Krieg Das ist mein Krieg